Moosehead Lake Ice Fishing 2015 Has Begun!

Good morning! We’ve been up at Misty Morning Cottages on Moosehead Lake for just over two weeks and the guys have been out on the ice almost every day since arriving! They’ve had a lot of fun tugging on lines and last night they hooked something big that they couldn’t even bring up! That fact had them out bright and early at it again this morning. I decided to get my gear on and take a walk out to their traps to get a few pictures to share on our Facebook page and here too. February is shaping up to be a busy month here and we’re excited to meet everyone that is coming to stay with us! If you’re interested in booking a stay you can use our contact form here or you can call us at 207-534-7357.
IceFishingWeb Mt. Kineo on Moosehead Lake in Rockwood, Maine


  1. Kerry barnes

    What are your rates and availibity? 2-4 adults for a weekend… Hopefully fen March time frame

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