Moosehead Lake Family Adventure – Big Squaw (Moose) Mountain

Big Squaw Mountain (also referred to as Big Moose Mountain) is a Moosehead Lake family adventure that should be on your must do list while visiting the area.

How to Get There

From Greenville:  Head north approximately 5 miles on 6/15 towards Rockwood/Jackman and turn left onto North Road. The road is almost marked with a blue sign for Little Moose. You’ll travel on this dirt road for approximately 2 miles and find the parking lot for Big Squaw Mountain on the right. From Rockwood/Jackman/Quebec: Head south for 14.8 miles on 6/15 towards Greenville and turn right onto North Road. The road features a blue sign for Little Moose as well. The parking lot for Big Squaw Mountain is approximately 2 miles down the dirt road on the right. There is a port-a-potty in the parking lot, be sure to utilize this bathroom facility if needed as it is the only one available at this location. 

Getting Started

At the trailhead you’ll find a kiosk that features the trail you’re about to begin. There are also reminders for leave no trace, fires and more. If you’re unsure about what is and what isn’t allowed, ensure that you check the kiosk for details before beginning your hike. Please be sure to bring any trash you take on the trail back out with you, so others do not have to clean up after you.     

Trail Features

While hiking Big Squaw Mountain you’ll encounter different types of terrain which include rocks, roots, dirt/mud, streams, waterfalls, etc. The terrain begins with a fairly easy hike and turns into a steady incline (though it will be steep at times) with rocks, wooden ladders, boulders, trees and rock stairs along the way.

What You’ll See Trailside

Along the trails you’re sure to spot multiple varieties of mushrooms, flowers and berries. Often you’ll hear the scurry of chipmunks and squirrels as they hurry to get out of your way. You might even discover evidence of moose, deer and other wildlife near the trailside as well! When we’ve hiked Big Squaw Mountain in the spring we’ve enjoyed a beautiful waterfall along the trail early on, but in the fall we’ve discovered that the waterfall does not run.

Break Points Along the Way 

About 40 minutes into your hike you’ll come upon a small bridge that makes a lovely place to rest. If you happen to visit in the spring, you can sit and listen to the stream running under your feet. A few short minutes later the old fire warden cabin provides another break point where you can see a bit of history and enjoy a cool drink, snack or even lunch if you desire! Just over an hour into the hike you’ll find a sign for the scenic overlook. This is just a short jaunt off the main trail and it provides a beautiful view! If you have children hiking with you, be aware that there is a sharp drop off at the scenic overlook. In approximately 30 minutes you’ll reach the peak — keep pressing on!

What to Expect at the Peak

At the peak you’ll find a tower and a large rock to rest while enjoying a snack after you’ve climbed over 3,000 feet. The view from the peak is spectacular, but a short walk beyond the peak provides adventurers additional beautiful views of Mt. Kineo, Little Moose Mountain, Little Moose Pond and more! We encourage you to take a few extra minutes to walk beyond the peak and the helicopter pad, the final lookout point is outstanding. Trail Difficulty Level: Moderate/9+ years Peak Elevation: 3, 196 feet Round Trip Distance: 4.2 miles (not including short jaunt to scenic overlook) Average Trail Time: 2 hours+/- trailhead to peak and 1 hr.+/-  peak to trailhead Hiking Attire: Sneakers at minimum, hiking boots preferable. Light jacket for spring and fall hikes. Pets: Welcome on leash (please clean up after them, so other hikers do not have to watch where they step) Fires: Not allowed What To Pack: Camelbak/Water Bottles, Snacks, Cell Phone, Camera, Doggie Water Bowls and Bags (pet owners)   We hope that you have a wonderful Moosehead Lake Family Adventure on Big Squaw (Moose) Mountain!

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